ENTENDER is a project co-funded by the ERASMUS + Programme of the European Union led by Coventry University in the United Kingdom, in which 9 international partners participate. The project aims to improve access, retention, attainment and employment prospects of people with neurodiverse conditions in Argentina and Mexico and will run from January 2020 to December 2022.


The University of Colima invites you to participate in the first announcement "Highlighting heroes. Diverse ways of perceiving the world".


The University of Colima invites teachers to join the #ENTENDER project to contribute to the neurodiversity needs of the institution.


First Meeting of the Cycle


In the framework of the Entender Project, together with the Internationalization Area and the Inclusion and Accessibility Directorate of the Human Rights Area of Universidad Nacional de Rosario and the Bachelor's Degree in Psychopedagogy of Universidad del Gran Rosario, a Cycle of Meetings on Neurodiversity in Higher Education was launched.


Professor Heidrun Demo has been appointed as an external evaluator for following Entender Project´s development.


The University of Colima invites you to join the #ENTENDER project to contribute to the neurodiversity needs of the institution.


In an interview, experts from the UdeC speak explain objectives of this program and address the issue of autism within the framework of the world awareness day on this topic.


With your participation in the UNDERSTAND project, the UdeC prepares to be at the forefront in the care of its students, because they are its priority: Rector.


As part of a project activity, teachers and students were able to have an exchange with the Rector of the UNR.


The University of Turin received in February representatives of the partner Universities to continue with the second technical visit of the Project.


During February 2020, Coventry received representatives of the Project partner universities for its kick-off and first technical visit.


Project partners