Diptychs prepared by the University of Colima

Digital diptychs for the vocational guidance of neurodiverse students, prepared by the University of Colima.

  1. Autism Spectrum
  2. Attention Deficit whith Hyperactivity disorder
  3. Dyscalculia
  4. Dyslexia
  5. Dyspraxia
  6. Tourette´s Syndrome

Work Package 2.1: Training plan (synchronous and asynchronous)

The modules of the training are:

  1. New active methodologies for learning scenarios
  2. Neuroeducation and neurodidactics
  3. Multiple intelligences and neurodiversity
  4. Emotional intelligence
  5. Integration through self-determination/self-advocacy/social skills (self-esteem, emotional development, interpersonal relationships)
  6. Quality of life (physical, emotional, social well-being)
  7. Universal design and using technology for learning
  8. Neurodiversity in the workplace

Work package 2.5: Neurodiversity Training Handbook

The overall aim of the ENTENDER project is to promote the inclusion of people with neurodiversity, who, as a sector of a larger group of people with disabilities, are currently disadvantaged by society resulting in them being disproportionately represented amongst the world’s lower socioeconomic groups. National education systems, which promote human capital development, play a major role in fostering economic development and strengthening the social institutions in a country and it is through education that disadvantage can be addressed. All project activities have been planned in an “inclusive” way to allow the participation of a wide range of internal and external stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, senior managers, employers and social partners.

More precisely the general aim is to improve access, retention, attainment and employment prospects of people with neurodiverse conditions in Argentina and Mexico, allowing them to achieve their full potential by capacity building of neurodiversity support across higher education and employment sectors, fostering inclusion, and building knowledge.

Work Plan 4 - Students capacity building

Work Package 2.4 Guidance on Developing a ‘Welcome to University’ Programme for Neurodivergent Students

Aristotle, in Nicomachen Ethics, stated that “The beginning seems to be more than half of the whole.” This guidance aims to improve the first contact of neurodivergent students with the university environment, by creating a welcome program adapted to their own needs.

Students are expected to feel more comfortable and secure while the welcome process takes place, when at the same time they are getting informed about the university facilities and services.

Work Package 2.3 Design common assessment tool and strengths inventory

Aim of this deliverable is to agree upon assessment tool and strengths inventory that will be piloted with existing students in schools as well as Higher Education (HE). Through the assessment tool and the strengths inventory it will be possible to identify (a) students with additional needs and (b) particular strengths that can be developed further.

Work Package 1.1: Need Analisys Report

Work Package 1.3: Good Practice Guide

Expo Neuro 2021 - Mental Health and Neurodiversity in the Pandemic

Invite: University of Colima / UNIVA
Platform: Online event (Zoom).
Date: September 20-24, 2021.

  1. Poster
  2. Triptych
  3. Infographics contest
  4. Contest "Brain in a minute"